Here's some Web 2.0 tools which can help in sharing and collaborating.

If you use other exciting and useful tools that can aid the learning journey then fill in the Contact form to let us know.


This web platform has been developed as the project for the Open University course H818 'The networked practitioner', which is part of the MA in Online and Distance Education. The aim is to interconnect research on social learning, self-determined learning and web 2.0 tools to engage and enthuse learners. The title of this project is "Open Turf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning". To demonstrate the concept of a collaborative learning environment (CLE) I have used the requirements of the new Level 2 Apprenticeship Standard for Sports Turf Operatives (which has been developed by the Groundsmanship trailblazer employer group), however, the principles can be applied for any course or learning outcomes. Learners may already have their own social media accounts and/or personal learning portfolios, content from which they may like to share with others. This co-ordinated shared knowledge can help inform learners to help them determine what they may find of most benefit for their own context and to create their own learning journey, or at least one which can complement that which they may have planned with a training provider.