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Requirements: The Sports Turf Operative must be able to apply the knowledge and skills in a logical and systematic approach and demonstrate a positive work ethic in achieving the desired outcomes from the sports surfaces being maintained. In order to do this they will need to be capable of the following:

Maintain and renovate turf surfaces

in a safe and appropriate way to ensure games can take place which provide for a fair, safe and exciting contest for players. This will include the safe use of a range of equipment and machinery, such as mowers, scarifiers, aerators and other specialist turf care equipment, covering hand tools, as well as pedestrian operated, ride-on and tractor mounted implements.

Correctly calibrate equipment

for material requirements and apply at the correct rates a range of materials, including grass seed, fertiliser and bulky top-dressing.

Use integrated prevention and control

methods to reduce the incidence of diseases, disorders, pests and weeds on turf.

Set and mark out sports areas

in accordance with the Laws of the Governing Bodies of Sport.

Maintain tools, equipment and machinery

used for maintenance and renovation activities to ensure their safe and effective use.

Maintain and conduct basic routine

servicing and repairs to drainage and irrigation systems.

Effectively communicate

with others and provide an excellent level of customer service.

Work safely, efficiently and effectively

at all times, whether under supervision, as an individual, or in a team.